Microsoft's OneDrive app for iPhone and iPad has added a share extension with its latest update, allowing you to added items to OneDrive from other apps. OneDrive now takes advantage of deep linking in iOS 9 as well, opening OneDrive links directly in the app itself.

OneDrive adds a share extension of easier uploads

Here's everything new in OneDrive 6.14.1:

  • New Feature: The long sought after Share extension has emerged. You can now upload files to OneDrive directly from other apps.
  • New Feature: Dear IT Admins, do you want to protect your organization's data? We do! Let us take some pressure off you with Data Loss Protection support.
  • New Feature: OneDrive links will now open directly in the OneDrive app, helping you get to your files faster than ever before.

You can grab the latest update to OneDrive now from the App Store.

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