Microsoft OneNote for Mac

Microsoft has announced some significant updates to OneNote clients for iPhone and Mac. In addition to a visual overhaul for iOS 7, the iPhone version now includes character recognition so you can snap pictures of documents and save them to OneNote in the cloud. You can also create and share notebooks independently on the iPhone now.

The Mac version has had a bunch of features included, such as text format copying, pasting, and painting. An obvious and very welcome addition is the ability to drag and drop images from anywhere on OS X into your OneNote documents. You also have more control over how hyperlinks are presented and there's a fresh function for printing notes if you're still into that paper and ink thing.

OneNote is primarily built for task management, but really, you can use it to take notes about anything. There doesn't seem to be much here that the native Reminders app can't handle, but what do you guys think? Any hardcore OneNote fans out there? How do you handle notes and to-do lists on your iOS and Mac?

Source: Microsoft

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