OpenTable will let iPhone users pay from their phone

OpenTable has begun slowly rolling out a program that will simplify paying for meals by letting customers pay for their checks using the OpenTable app. The program is currently being tested by some users at select San Fransisco restaurants. The current implementation lets customers add a credit card to OpenTable's iPhone app, then pay whenever they want, rather than waiting for a check or needing to scan anything. OpenTable plans to expand the program over the next couple of weeks to more users, according to a post on their blog:

OpenTable mobile payments are currently being tested by diners at select restaurants in San Francisco. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more diners to the test program and will provide you a way to request access. If you receive an email invitation to be part of our pilot program, you can get started by making a reservation at a participating restaurant. Simply add a credit card in the OpenTable iPhone app before your meal and you’ll be able to view and pay your check. There’s no scanning or bar codes involved.

Are you excited to be able to pay for meals like this, and would you like to see other types of businesses adopt these types of payments? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: OpenTable