OS X Ultimatum

Theming your iPhone is definitely one of the perks of being jailbroken. Sometimes a really nice theme comes along that completely changes not only the design but the way you use your iPhone. This may be the case with the OS X Ultimatum theme by Modmyi forum member SirTimothy1.

OS X Ultimatium is a complete overhaul of the iPhone UI and brings it back to the look and feel of the full scale version of Mac OS X. The theme boasts of the following features -

  • Fully usable and accurate finder bars and menus
  • Launchpad - tap it from the dock to view all your apps at once
  • Stacks - just like in Mac OS X, quick access to all your favorite apps with one tap
  • Scrollable dock - add more dock icons and simply scroll through them
  • Draggable windows
  • Mission Control - quick access to any widgets or view all open windows
  • Functional dashboard - view any widgets by swiping right
  • Lockscreen - customizable and functional

The developer is also planning on optimizing the theme even more to free up more RAM. Although this theme is still in beta, donating $3.50 to the developer via Paypal will grant you access to the beta. Hit the link below for even more screenshots, information, and videos of the theme in action! And as always, if you test it out, let us know what you think of it!