Following the early previews of OS X Mavericks delivered by select media outlets, we're starting to see them broken down a little further and the latest covers the tabs and tags feature in Finder. Finder tabs takes cues from the web browser by combining many finder windows into one. Macworld's Jason Snell takes us through it:

"Each tab behaves like its own Finder window; you can adjust the view settings of each one accordingly, so one tab can show an icon view, another a list view, and so on."

And, with tags, it works just as you might expect it to. Adding a tag to a file means you can group your stuff together however you like, and then find it all by tag. It can be likened to the way we tag articles here on iMore, or at any of the Mobile Nations sites:

"Borrowed from the world of blogging and social networking, tags form a simple, arbitrary method of categorizing information. On a blog, you might add a bunch of tags to every post to indicate its subject matter. This has the benefit of letting users quickly find all the blog posts about a particular subject."

It's a great in-depth read on how tabs and tags operates, and to the right user could add significantly to their workflow. As Snell points out, it's unlikely that casual users will ever pull off the cmd+click operation to bring up a new Finder tab, and that's just fine. I'm pretty sure tabs and tags are going to help get a better handle of the mess that is my Mac, what say the rest of you?

Source: Macworld