We're planning something really fun for later in the summer and Otterbox was kind enough to send us out some Otterbox Defender Cases for iPhone 4 so we could start the prep work. If you've used an Otterbox Defender on previous iPhones, you know what you need to know. Same great protection, all new form factor. If you haven't used one before, this is basically the full plate armor of iPhone protection in AD&D parlance. You have the hard plastic inner shell for structural support, the soft silicone outer skin for grip and scuff proofing, and a holster to keep it loaded and ready to go on your hip.

They're just starting to come out, so if you absolutely have to have it as soon as possible, head on over to the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store and place your <a href="http://store.imore.com/otterbox-defender-series-case/4A104A7227.htm?utm_term=iphone-4-cases&utm_content=post&utm_campaign=community&utm_source=d_im&utm_medium=content"">pre-order.

Pictures after the break and much more to come!

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