Update: According to Apple's service status page, a number of other Apple services are now experiencing some downtime. Included are the App Store, Apple TV, iTunes in the Cloud, the Mac App Store and iCloud services across the board. This follows a similar outage that hit a number of users trying to access their iCloud Music Library, which appears to be ongoing as well.

Original Story: A number of people are reporting issues accessing their music through iCloud Music Library. On iPhone and iPad, some are being asked to sign up for Apple Music despite already having an account, while on Mac, iTunes is telling them that it is "unable to connect to iCloud Music Library". While the inability to connect to iCloud Music Library appears to be a widespread issue, Apple has yet to acknowledge the problem.

iCloud Music Library outage leaves many unable to access their music

A number of affected users took to Twitter to note the outage:

Hopefully, the outage will be resolved soon. iCloud Music Library was first introduced with Apple Music last year, and is used to store and stream your music library across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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