Many US Apple Store employees could be going to China

A new report claims Apple's retail store head Angela Ahrendts is trying to get some of her US employees to move to China. It adds that about 200 US Apple retail workers have indicated they will indeed relocate to that part of the world in an effort to beef up Apple's stores in China.

According to 9to5Mac, Ahrendts sent out a memo late last week to employees describing their push to increase their store presence in China:

Ahrendts added that the offer to move to China "has no expiration date because as the business grows, our needs will only become greater, so as your personal and professional life changes, just always keep China at the top of your mind, because we're going to need you…"

Apple opened up its largest retail store in Asia on Saturday in Hangzhou, China. In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated that the company will open 25 new stores in China over the next two years.

9to5Mac also reports that there may be some changes inside Apple's stores as well, including a new SMS-based system that will let customers know about wait times for Genius Bar appointments. It adds:

For years, Apple Store employees have worn work t-shirts themed to holidays or product launches. Going forward, employees will wear blue collared shirts with the Apple logo printed to the side. Ahrendts believes this is a more professional look, which may be appreciated by future customers of more fashion-oriented, higher-end Apple products.

Source: 9to5Mac