Overcast 2.0 adds streaming, chapters, and iPad multitasking support

Popular third party podcast app Overcast has hit version 2.0, and with this update comes a number of features, including episode streaming, chapter support, storage management options, and more. Additionally, Marco Arment, Overcast's developer, has made the previously paid features of the app, Smart Speed and Vocal Boost, free for all users.

Overcast 2.0 brings streaming support, a feature often requested by users. With streaming, you can start playing episodes immediately while they download, or set certain podcasts to stream only in order to save storage space. Speaking of storage space, Overcast now lets you manage how much storage the app takes, and you can now delete downloads and stream episodes instead.

There are a number of other enhancements and fixes with Overcast 2.0. You can now badge the app icon that displays the number of unfinished episodes. The app also supports 3D Touch quick actions on its icon, with additional support for the feature coming soon. Smart Speed will now dynamically adjust to quieter voices as well. Additionally, the app supports iPad Split View and Slide Over multitasking on iOS 9.

Arment has also taken the step of making all features of Overcast completely free to all users. To make up the revenue, he has implemented a new, optional patronage system. As to why he chose this route, Arment said:

80% of my customers were using an inferior app. The limited, locked version of Overcast without the purchase sure wasn't the version I used, it wasn't a great experience, and it wasn't my best work.

With Overcast 2.0, I've changed that by unlocking everything, for everyone, for free. I'd rather have you using Overcast for free than not using it at all, and I want everyone to be using the good version of Overcast.

Currently, patronage costs $1 per month, with three, six, and twelve-month options.

You can download Overcast 2.0 from the App Store now.

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