OWC Envoy Pro: Thumb-sized SSD packs desktop-class performance and capacity

We've previously written about the OWC Envoy Pro mini, a thumbdrive with desktop SSD performance. If you're curious about how it works, check out this review.

The Envoy Pro uses USB 3.0 but is tiny — only about the size of your thumb. Don't mistake this as a run-of-the-mill USB thumbdrive, because the SSD inside is built for speed and capacity. It may not be the fastest SSD on the block, but it's quite respectable, especially compared to lower-end, less expensive flash thumb drives.

Jeremy Horwitz looks at the new drive and says:

"Envoy Pro mini sits in the middle ground between traditional thumb drives and competing external SSDs. As compared with SanDisk's options, Envoy Pro mini offers better build quality and the option of greater capacity, as it's offered in 120GB or 240GB sizes, while SanDisk's plasticky flash drives tap out at 128GB."

Find out more about this middle ground between a flash thumb drive and a "regular" SSD in the 9to5 review.

Source: 9to5Mac