Rene bumps into Brian from Pad & Quill. The company has distinguished itself as a premium maker of handmade leather cases for iPhone and iPad. Now the company's rolling out a line of specialty messenger bags made of leather and canvas that will make your laptop look great. Just the sort of thing that intrepid adventurer/archaelogist Dr. Indiana Jones have used, if he'd been born later.

The new bags have all the hallmark features that separates Pad & Quill from the competition - a design built to last (think 25 years, not 25 weeks), leather and canvas, soft, great looking and very complementary to other Pad & Quill products.

You're going to pay a bit more for Pad & Quill products, but not ridiculously so. Check what Brian is holding and then visit their web site for more. Details in the video, fire it up!

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