The Padcaster mini, a smaller version of the Padcaster iPad tripod, has made its way to Kickstarter. You might recognize the original Padcaster was recently featured in Apple's "Your Verse" ad. Although designed to hold an iPad mini, the Padcaster mini works just like the original, using a metal frame and insert to hold your iPad in place, helping you shoot great video on your iPad while also letting you mount accessories like microphones and lights. While the Padcaster team was able to make the Padcaster mostly out of pocket, to produce the Padcaster mini, they've turned to Kickstarter:

Based on the same design as our Original Padcaster, The Padcaster Mini features a sturdy aluminum frame with a flexible insert, tailor-fit for the iPad mini. The iPad mini offers the same impressive 1080p HD video recording as the iPad Air in a lighter, more compact package. It's the perfect Padcaster companion and natural next step in production.

If you've been waiting for a camera mount for your iPad mini, head on over to the Padcaster mini kickstarter and take a look.

Source: Padcaster mini Kickstarter