Painting the Back of the Apple Accessibility Fence

Robert and Allison of the Tech Doctor podcast, which focuses on accessibility, were gracious enough to invite me on to talk about Apple's efforts to increase iOS and OS X accessibility, and what iMore is doing to help promote them.

In the podcast, we learn how Rene became interested in accessibility. He explains how Apple's focus on accessibility is resulting in better products for everyone and not just benefiting people who have a disability. Rene explains the importance of Apple's commitment to accessibility coming from the top down. This is a major factor in Apple having become the world leader in designing and producing devices that are useable by everyone.

I can only talk about Apple and accessibility, both Robert and Allison depend on it. I deeply appreciate their having me on the show and helping me better understand and appreciate the issue. We talk about inclusivity in general as well, so please do give it a listen and share it with those whom you think it will help.