Dieter's got his Palm Pre Plus on Verizon complete review, and Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon complete review up on, and is here to tell us how the new button-reduced, memory doubled, gaming enabled, built-in MiFi sporting, webOS rocking device(s) hold up. Which is totally unfair, given this is TiPb's week to look at Palm and webOS for the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin! But whatever, Palm can change the game all they want, the question is -- is it enough?

On the Palm Pre Plus:

The Palm Pre Plus is the flagship for Palm, then, but can it legitimately be called a flagship for Verizon? Almost, but not quite yet. The key is Mobile Hotspot, which is awesome and one of the best reasons for recommending the Palm Pre Plus to a business user. Palm already has pretty decent push email and Exchange support - all they need now is full Document editing (and perhaps some battery life improvement) to make the case that the Palm Pre Plus is amongst the best business smartphones on the market.

On the Palm Pixi Plus:

The Palm Pixi Plus is marketed as "First smartphone" or a "Starter Smartphone." I don't find that moniker especially fair, as the Pixi Plus is as capable as the large majority of other smartphones out there. It compares well against the BlackBerry lineup and even the Android lineup in my opinion. Still, you can't get around the fact that it's less powerful than the Pre Plus and so if you are expecting you'll be using your phone heavily, seriously consider springing for the Pre.

I'll have my take on the platform for you by the weekend, but go read Dieter's now. Then come back and let me know what you think. Has Palm done enough to stay competitive with an upcoming iPhone 4.0 and 4th gen iPhone hardware in 2010?