According to PreCentral.net, the upcoming Palm webOS 1.2 update will NOT be re-hacking iTunes 9 sync. In other words, the cat and mouse game between Apple and Palm may soon be missing it's mouse. We'd heard Palm was in this for the long haul, even though we thought it was more ego than good sense, and at the expense of their own customers, so if true -- huge kudos to Palm (even if it took a little help from the USB-IF). And to Palm Pre users, our sibling site is:

suggesting people at least dip their toes into the non-iTunes-direct-sync waters. DoubleTwist, Salling Sync, Drag 'n Drop, The Missing Sync: learn them, love them, switch to them.

In the opposite of kudos department, it looks like Palm may be cloning one of least popular aspects of Apple 2-Billion download iTunes App Store -- developer alienation. According to JWZ, he's gone through dozens of emails, jumped through countless hoops, bended but refused to break, and now has faced an Apple-esque 2 weeks of silence.

Could it be that introducing, setting up, and running an app store is difficult, and until a few years from now, when all the bugs have been worked out, Apple, Palm, and almost every company will have their share of stumbles, falls, and face-plants?