Folks who've transitioned over from Windows Mobile (or BlackBerry) to the iPhone (or folks who, like me, are dual-wielding) take heed: one of our favorite IM apps from those other platforms has finally made its way into the App Store. It's Palringo (iTunes Link) and it's free. Palringo is an instant messenger app that's able to talk to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, etc. It will also let you send media files (like photos). There is one downside -- you do need to set up a Palringo account to get it all going, but for now at least, if you want multi-client IM, Palringo's your best option.

That's good stuff, but the better stuff is coming: Palringo's custom 'Vocal IM,' which is somewhere between sending audio files and VOIP chat. We're also hoping that Palringo will be able to add background notifications when the iPhone supports it.

I'm downloading now, but I tell ya, I'm excited for this app. Seems like an excellent idea for a lightning review, don't it?