Pangea Software, a long-time game developer of games for Apple platforms, has announced its lineup of games for the new Apple TV. However, included in its announcement of 5 titles, Pangea noted that all of its games can be played in stereo-3D on any TV that is 3D-capable. From Pangea Software:

All of Pangea's games have the capability of playing in stereo-3D on any HDTV which is 3DTV capable. This not only adds an extra visual element to the games, but in many cases it gives the player an advantage since 3D makes it easier to aim weapons and calculate jumps. Additionally, all of the games are Game Controller compatible, so they can be played with either the Siri Remote or with any tvOS compatible Gamepad.

While 3D televisions never really took off in a major way, this is still a pretty cool addition for those who happen to own one. As for Pangea's Apple TV lineup, it initially includes 5 games that have appeared on the iOS App Store, including: Air Wings, Bugdom 2, Nanosaur 2, Nucleus, and Otto Matic. Pangea Software says it also plans to bring Cro-Mag Rally and Air Wings Intergalactic over to tvOS as well, in addition to some games developed specifically for the platform.

Source: Pangea Software