In response to customer feedback concerning TextExpander's recent switch to subscription pricing for all users, developer Smile has announced some changes intended to ease the transition for past customers.

Perhaps the biggest the is the extension of discounted pricing for prior TextExpander users. When the switch to subscription pricing was announced, Smile said that those who purchased a past version of TextExpander would get a 50% discount on the first year. The developer now says that that discount will be extended indefinitely for Life Hacker (individual plan) customers. From Smile:

We will apply a lifetime discount of 50% off the Life Hacker pricing to customers of any past version of TextExpander. That amounts to just US $20 per year. In our initial rollout, we offered the discount for the first year only, and that was a mistake. We value our long-term customers, and it's important for us to demonstrate that in our actions. Thanks for bearing with us as we sorted this out.

(To those who've already purchased an annual upgrade plan, we'll apply two months of credit to make up the difference. Please give us a few days for this to be reflected in your account.)

In addition, Smile says that it will continue to sell and support TextExpander 5 for OS X and TextExpander 3 + Keyboard for iPhone and iPad for those who want Dropbox and iCloud syncing or don't want to pay a subscription.

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