In similar fashion to the patent for a today screen, Apple Insider is reporting Apple's new filing shows a way of displaying icon-like status indicators on the iPhone's display even though the phone is locked with the backlight not turned on. Apple seems to be paying attention lately to alerts/notifications and that is great news!


blockquote>Apple proposes the implementation of a dual backlight system, where a secondary, low-power backlight system would be positioned behind the primary backlight system. The always-on light provided by the secondary backlight system could then be projected through one or more transparent or semitransparent regions of the primary backlight system to reach the display even when the primary backlight is turned off.

The lack of a feature similar to this is one of the current iPhone's biggest complaints. You leave your iPhone on a table and you walk out of the room for 5 minutes... during that time you get a email or missed call... you get sidetracked and don't turn your phone on... you never know that a message is waiting for you. No blinking LED, no second audible alerts (unless it's a SMS message), nothing. That is a major gripe that I hear over and over regarding the iPhone.

So as soon as this is actually a reality, it will give the haters one less reason to complain. It's just too bad we will all have to wait until a future iPhone to see this feature.

[Via Apple Insider]