Leonardo's Cat

Leonardo's Cat is a newly released puzzle game starring Patrick Stewart from Star Trek and X-Men. The title tasks you with helping Leonardo's Cat Scungilli obtain the Automaton, which was stolen by Michelangelo. You'll need to use your wits, as well as a wide range of da Vinci inventions to navigate through 60 levels of adventure and puzzles.

Don't mistake the game of being an easy ride, however. You'll need to help Scungilli avoid deadly obstacles and various traps that stand in your way, all whist exploring a rather detailed and atmospheric environment inspired by 16th-century Amboise. Collecting robot parts on each level will build the Automoton – the world's first robot.

Leonardo's Cat is a stunning title made that much more immersive with Patrick Stewart voicing Leonardo throughout the numerous cut scenes. As an added bonus, the title is also packed full of educational content covering science and art.

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