CBS aims to find out the answer to that very question when it puts a new, March Madness-centric iPhone WiFi streaming app up on the App Store. Will free competition from TV, PC, Mac -- and pretty much every other platform out there -- along with no cell access to video (audio only on 3G and EDGE) make the price tag too high? Or will rabid college hoops fans who can't put their iPhone's down swallow the costs and the radio tether?

Apple Insider says:

The video streams themselves won't be relegated to "alternate view" camera angles that have become customary for other sporting events. Instead, CBS said it will deliver full broadcasts and play-by-play in sync with their network television broadcasts, which of course will include commercial breaks.

Yeah, commercials. Oh, and it expires on April 6th. So, what answer do you think CBS will get? Will you be watching on your iPhone?