Pay with Square and Square Register have both received updates that give merchants the opportunity to better connect with and reward their customers. Pay with Square now allows customers to keep track of virtual punch cards at their favorite merchants. Square Register for iPad has been updated with the ability to give discounts as well as a few minor interface enhancements.

Pay with Square allows customers to make hands-free payments to participating merchants via their iPhone or Android phone. Once you've created a login and linked a bank or credit card you can start paying merchants that already accept Square payments. The new punch card feature allows customers to have in-app punch cards for participating merchants. These businesses can then reward loyal customers with discounts or other offers after so many visits.

Customers can also use location services to search for things such as coffee houses, chinese food, or any other place they choose. Square will them give them a list of merchants in their area that are accepting Square. This adds even more visibility for Square merchants over the previous version of Pay with Square.

Square Register for iPad has also been updated and now gives businesses the ability to natively create discounts within Square. Your employees can then choose the Discounts section and apply discounts after ringing up a sale. If you want to run a special that gives people who like your Facebook page $5 off of their next purchase you can now do so. You can choose between percentage or dollar off discounts on an individual basis.

Businesses can also create first visit specials to attract new customers into their location. Using this in conjunction with punch cards and loyalty rewards makes it much easier for small businesses to grow their client base and retain them with continued rewards.

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