Harry McCracken writes on PC World's TechBlog that after spending one week with an iPhone he found the device to be incredibly cool, but also impractical for his needs. So traded it in for a Windows Mobile device, the AT&T 8525 (HTC Hermes).

He outlines 13 reasons why he doesn't want the iPhone.

  • The iPhone isn't 3G
  • The iPhone can't serve as a modem
  • The iPhone doesn't talk to Lotus Notes
  • The iPhone doesn't have a chat client
  • There's no Slingbox client for the iPhone
  • The iPhone doesn't have enough storage to be my primary media player.
  • The iPhone requires too many clicks to get stuff done.
  • The iPhone is remarkably uncustomizable
  • The iPhone doesn't let you edit office documents
  • And it doesn't have a To-Do List
  • And its note-taking app is too bare-bones to be very useful
  • The iPhone's contract requirement rankles me
  • The iPhone's virtual keyboard is surprisingly good; the 8525's real one is better