PCalc 1.6

PCalc developer James Thomson is one of our favorites because he not only makes great apps, but he seems to love doing it, and always figures out new, positive, and productive ways to get our attention.

This time around it isn't just the release of an iPhone 3.0 compatible version of PCalc for iPhone ($9.99 - iTunes link) that includes support for copy and paste (and a couple of new vertical button layouts, one for engineers, one for programmers), it's how he built one version of the app that supports both iPhone 2.2.1 and iPhone 3.0 at the same time. An iPhone version of Apple's "universal binary" concept, as it were.

We're not sure he's the first to do this -- and according to Twitter he isn't either -- but we hope he does write up the process when the 3.0 SDK NDA (non-disclosure agreement) lifts so other developers can do it as well. It's an elegant solution to say the least.

Now to see if we can not only paste some complex calculations... but understand them!