PCalc 3.0 for iOS brings new ready for iOS 7 design, edge-to-edge layouts, and more

PCalc, one of the most popular alternative calculator apps for both iPhone and iPad, has just been updated to version 3.0 and brings with it lots of updates, changes, and new features. Most notably, the design and interface has been completely redone to feel more at home on iOS 7.

The update in design to PCalc brings not only a default layout that looks and feels more iOS 7 like, but an updated icon and multiple theme choices so no matter what color scheme you have, you can update PCalc to match. If you happen to like the older themes for PCalc better, don't worry, they're still available in settings as well. The same gestures can still be used over the display in order to undo and redo actions. Just swipe left or right.

While most of the updates to PCalc are visual such as the new edge-to-edge design, some new features and tweaks to existing ones have also been added. Several different types of supported functions and features have been added such as an option for constant functions in algebraic mode, swipe gestures to increase or decrease the amount of lines on the display, and more. Tape now shows functions, conversions, and constants as well.

For a full list of changes, you can hit the download link below.

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