PCalc for Mac has been updated to version 4.2, expanding the utility of the app's Notification Center widget by adding an advanced layout. {intro}

PCalc for Mac brings advanced calculation to its widget in version 4.2

PCalc's widget gets a big update in version 4.2. More of the functionality of the main application has been moved over, with a scientific mode now available right in the widget. A grid icon will be available to the left of the widget, that you can click to expand or retract, depending on the mode you're currently using. You can send the widget's current calculation to the app by clicking the application button above the grid.

In addition to all of this new functionality, the PCalc widget now has keyboard shortcut support. You can use your keyboard shortcuts for all operations in the widget, and it will actually tell you if it has keyboard focus. This includes shortcuts like copy and paste.

PCalc 4.2 also contains a number of fixes for the main app as well. You can download the update from the Mac App Store right now.

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