Smile has launched its latest version of PDF editing tool for the Mac, PDFpen 8. New features include the ability to validate digital signatures, as well as sign using AATL or self-signed certificates, record audio annotations, and attach files to documents.

Here's what's new:

  • Validate digital signatures for authenticity and trust of digitally signed documents
  • Digitally sign documents using AATL or self-signed certificates
  • Create a digital certificate for self-signing
  • Preview and extract file attachments and annotations
  • Record and playback audio annotations
  • Measure distances with the measurement tool, including scale within architectural documents
  • Export PDF to Microsoft® Word (.docx) offline

There's also a pro version of the utility called PDFpenPro, which allows you to export to Excel, choose widget styles for buttons, fix errors in OCR, and save web pages as PDFs. PDFpenPro costs $124.95, while the standard PDFpen 8 is available for $74.95.

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