Peace will help you block ads and trackers on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9

One of the most interesting features to be added in iOS 9 is the ability to run ad blockers on your iPhone or iPad. We're starting to see them trickle out on the App Store, and the latest to make an appearance is a new app called Peace. Peace works as you'd expect it to, offering users the ability to block ads and trackers in Safari, create whitelists, and more. Here's the full breakdown of what you can expect from Peace:

  • Works in Safari and any application that embeds Safari in iOS 9.
  • Optionally also hide most comments and comment forms (powered by Steven Frank's shutup.css).
  • Optionally block most external web fonts, which often delay page loads, especially on slower connections.
  • Optionally permit or block social widgets and tracking.

Includes a customizable whitelist to bypass your preferred sites, plus three system extensions:

  • View any URL in Peace (great for apps without Safari support)
  • View any URL without restrictions (great as a temporary shortcut)
  • Change Peace settings, including adding the current site to your whitelist

To block ads and trackers more effectively, Peace relies on a database maintained by Ghostery, which already maintains a successful ad blocker for Safari on Mac. According to developer Marco Arment, this allows Peace to block more trackers and experience fewer compatibility issues thanks to "a reasonably sized blacklist of about 2,000 entries."

If you'd like to give Peace a shot, you can grab it from the App Store for $2.99 at the link below. Also be sure to check out Arment's blog post on the release for his reasons for developing the app, and why he ultimately went with Ghostery for the database.


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