Peach is a simple, charming approach to social networking

If you're looking for a simpler take on a social network, a new app called Peach may be worth checking out. Peach is a new app that has gained a bit of traction recently for its simplicity and fun interactions. Acting as a sort of mix between a social network and messaging platform, the app encourages users to stick with small interactions by sharing a quick picture, GIF, video and more by using and discovering keywords. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Need inspiration for what to post? Tap the lightbulb for new ideas every day.
  • Let someone know you're thinking of them by sending a wave, slice of cake, 100, boop, kiss, hiss, and more.
  • Use the magic word "shout" to write a few words (+ emoji) in BIG letters on a background color.
  • Use "draw" to post a doodle or sketch.
  • Use "song" to share whatever's playing right now. Friends can tap on the song to open it in Apple Music or Spotify.
  • The magic word "rate" lets you give anything—anything!— a 1-5 star rating.
  • Other magic words: gif, here, goodmorning, goodnight, battery, weather, move, meetings, safari, dice, time, date, movie, tv, and game. With more on the way.

It's certainly no Facebook or Twitter, but that's also part of the app's charm. Making a new post is a lot like sending a text, and whatever you decide to share ends up on your "space." There is no all-encompasing newsfeed, but you can access different friends' spaces individually to see what they're up to throughout the day.

If you'd like to give Peach a shot, you can hit up the link below to grab the app for free and start Peaching away!

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