Pebble, the e-paper watch and Kickstarter darling, is all set for a "very important announcement" for software at an event being held on November 6. The event will be livestreamed online so anyone interested can follow along, but aside from this, we're not given much to go on. From the Pebble Developer Blog:

It’s no secret that we’ve been hard at work developing better software for Pebble and this Wednesday, November 6th, we’ll be making a very important announcement. You’re invited to join our livestream event at 10AM PST to hear what awesome new things we’ve been working on to make Pebble a more robust and feature-rich platform.

After the event, the team will be taking to Reddit for a little Q&A to answer any further questions anyone may have lingering at the back of their minds. Pebble is officially compatible with both iOS and Android, and is one of a number of smartwatch products emerging in the market of late. It's designed to be a companion to your iPhone or your Android phone, to show you what you want to see without having to delve into your pockets and pull out your phone. And because it's an e-paper display, it doesn't need charging every night like something such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

We'll be watching along live on November 6 to see what Pebble has in store for us, but in the meantime feel free to speculate in the comments. Is there anything you'd specifically like to see that would make your own Pebble experience better? Or is there something holding you back from buying that they haven't thought of yet?

Source: Pebble Developer Blog

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