Of the current crop of smartwatches – all of which are pretty much version 1.0 products – the Pebble has emerged as one of the early favorites. Our colleagues at Android Central have all experienced the Pebble in recent months, and have put together a pretty in-depth roundtable review with a cameo from none other than our very own Georgia!

The darling of Kickstarter hasn't been without its issues, but it's now shipping globally, has a new SDK on the way for developers to make all the awesomeness, and with a recent update now works much better with the iPhone. It's gathering momentum for sure, and the recent updates may well have convinced a few more folks to pick one up, or perhaps intrigued a whole new audience that needs a little extra help deciding.

Of course, the roundtable review has a slight twang of the Android about it, but largely the experience is now as good, if not better, out of the box with the iPhone and iOS 7. Head on over and take a look, and be sure to continue the discussion in the comments below, or in iMore's recently opened Pebble smartwatch forums!