Pebble Time iOS app is stuck in review

If you own an iPhone and happened to already receive your Pebble Time order, you're no doubt aware that the Pebble Time app isn't yet available on the store. Pebble took to a blog post on its Kickstarter page today to address the missing app, noting that Apple's review process is to blame for the snag.

According to the timeline that Pebble lays out, it originally submitted its Pebble Time Watch app on May 18. However, on May 22, Pebble submitted a new version with minor bug fixes, and that seems to be where things are stuck for now. From Pebble:

We submitted an updated version of the same iPhone app—only adding minor bug fixes—for approval. We requested an expedited review of this submission.

We unfortunately cannot simply publish the original submission approved on May 18 due to quirks in the AppStore submission process and rules. We considered adding Pebble Time support to the existing Pebble iPhone app. Sadly, that app also has a pending update—containing one bug fix—in Apple's review process. Version 2.6.6 remains "in review" now for 43 days and counting.

Until the app is pushed through, Pebble is asking users to reach out to Apple either directly, or on social media with the hashtag #FreeOurPebbleTime. In the meantime, the company notes that users can set up their Pebble Time by borrowing an Android device from a friend and performing the initial setup.

Source: Pebble Thanks to Ryan for the tip!