Peggle Blast

Alongside a new SimCity game, EA also announced a physics game called Peggle Blast which will be launching this fall and optimized for the new iPhone 6. Many will be familiar with the classic Peggle titles, whereby players shoot a limited number of marbles from the top of the screen and try to nail orange pegs scattered through the level.

The few screenshots released show that Peggle Blast will keep the cartoony characters, power-up system, three-star ratings for each stage. It wouldn't be surprising to see the freemium model employed here, but there's no definitive word just yet on pricing.

The original Peggle HD game has been supported for years on iOS, but the sequel was a console exclusive, leaving mobile high and dry for new content. It'll be great to see how this memorable franchise has grown since PopCap's hayday.

Source: EA

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