You have a big presentation to give for your job and you have very carefully created the perfect Keynote with your Mac. Every little detail was meticulously chosen, including the font. The big day is here and you excitedly transfer the project to your iPad as this will be your means of delivering your presentation. But to your dismay, when you open your document in Keynote for iPad, you get a popup informing you that the font you chose is missing and may look different! But your font selection was an important detail to you, so instead of delivering your Keynote presentation with your iPad, you bitterly drag your 17 inch MacBook Pro along and give a subpar delivery of your speech because of the disappointment you experienced earlier that morning.

It's situations like this that has brought Jeffery Zeldman to write a petition to Apple asking that they bring more font support to the iPad, specifically the iWork suite of applications.

I sometimes spend weeks on a Keynote presentation, and so do my colleagues. We’d love to be able to work on them whether we have a Mac or an iPad at hand—that, after all, is the promise of the devices we buy from you; frankly, it is the promise of all computers. But when the iPad loses my fonts, it loses me. A Keynote presentation with substitute fonts is of no use to me, except perhaps as a rehearsal tool—and I can just as easily rehearse with a PDF.

Do you share Jeffery's frustration? Have you been disappointed with the lack of font support in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers? Or perhaps this is the first you've heard about this and find it unacceptable. If so, let us know and head on over Jeffery's website to sign his petition.