Pew: Public support with FBI in phone unlocking case against Apple

While several companies and notable individuals have come out in support of Apple in its struggle with the FBI over unlocking the iPhone 5c of one of the San Bernardino shooting suspects, the American public is a different story. According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, 51% of people support the Department of Justice and the FBI, saying Apple should unlock the phone. Meanwhile, 38% say that Apple shouldn't unlock the phone, with 11% undecided.

From Pew:

The latest national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted Feb. 18-21 among 1,002 adults, finds that almost identical shares of Republicans (56%) and Democrats (55%) say that Apple should unlock the San Bernardino suspect's iPhone to aid the FBI's ongoing investigation. By contrast, independents are divided: 45% say Apple should unlock the iPhone, while about as many (42%) say they should not unlock the phone to ensure the security of their other users' information.

At the same time, Reuters is reporting that a group of victims of the San Bernardino shooting will be filing an amicus brief in support of the FBI's efforts to compel Apple's aid in opening the suspected shooter's phone. The group is apparently seeking information on how this shooting could have happened in the first place.

FBI vs. Apple