PGA Tour: King of the Course is a distinctly arcadey golf game we tried out at E3 2014 by EA Sports. Players take to the greens as one of several characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and work through a series of challenges. These range from fairly traditional ones, where you've got to sink the ball in as few strokes as possible, to wholly unrealistic scenarios, such as having the ball bounce across the course thanks to a series of superpowered trampolines.

Controls are fairly straightforward: tap and hold the screen to swing your club back, then swipe forward to swing. Without the swipe, you're just practising to find the sweet spot where you need to release. Once the ball is airborne, you aren't without anything to do, though. King of the Course players can swipe to adjust course before landing with swipes, similar to what you'll see in games like Flick Soccer. As you work through the extremely long chain of challenges, you'll eventually face real PGA golfers which can be tricky to overcome. Luckily there are plenty of power-ups and stat increases that you earn through gameplay or in-app purchases.

Hardcore golfers may scoff at the cartoony gameplay offered in King of the Course, but for those looking for a nice lighthearted take on golf, and don't mind a Candy Crush Saga-style progression, this may be worth your time. King of the Course just launched, and you can snag it at the link below.

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