Phil Schiller comments on App Store discoverability

In a recent interview at WWDC, Apple's VP of Marketing Phil Schiller commented on criticism that it's hard to get noticed in the App Store.

The opportunity is the best it has ever been for software developers... Every other day you hear about another app going off the charts. You can still get discovered and get a hit overnight.

Additionally, Schiller commented that the App Store is much more democratic than traditional retail, where there's a limit on shelf space. Of the rumored data-gathering tool that was in fact released in the iOS 6 beta, Schiller said that "more can be done to help users have control over what apps and advertisers want to do with data".

The introduction of iOS 6 included a Facebook Like button for the App Store, which will likely improve discoverability boatloads, but busting through the top 100 list is still a major feat, even for respected and popular apps. It sounds like Schiller was mostly brushing off the challenge of getting noticed, and that the good ones float to the top naturally.

Devs, how hard do you find it is to get noticed? The rest of y'all, how often do you look anywhere other than the top 25 to find new apps? For that matter, how big of a role do blogs like ours play in picking your iOS apps?

Source: WSJ