In a new interview, Apple's SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller sat down to talk about Apple's creation process, how it works with suppliers, and the company's perfectionism for its products. Collaboration between departments at the company, says Schiller, helps the company innovate, and leads to new solutions to particular problems, such as the combined speaker/antenna on the 2015 MacBook, which came about when the computer proved too small for standard components.

According to Mashable, bringing the speaker team and antenna team tightly together allowed them to create this unique component:

"We absolutely married them together to make this happen," said Ternus, who laid out before me a disemboweled MacBook. I saw what looked like a regular pair of gold-plated speaker housings that sit at the back of the MacBook, near the hinge. Along both rear speaker edges was a millimeter or so of black material, which turned out to be the antennas.

Schiller, along with Mac and iPad engineering vice president John Ternus, talked about working with suppliers to get the results Apple needs:

Sometimes "we're asking for technologies and features they've never created before or brought to market, things that [our partners] wished they could do, but were never able to do," he said.

Schiller also expressed his belief that people keep choosing Apple because they love the products in a way that they don't love similar devices from other companies. This is something that goes back to the first Macs.

You can read the whole interview with Schiller at the link below.

Source: Mashable