Philips Fidelio M2L

Philips has unveiled a new pair of headphones specifically designed for iOS hardware, including the iPhone 6 and iPhones 6 Plus. Taking cues from the Fidelio M1 headphones, the new sound producers – Fidelio M2L - come with support for the lightning connection, rather than the usual 3.5mm audio jack, which enables Philips to pump out higher quality sound. The price tag will set purchasers back by €249.99 ($320).

While the Fidelio M2L have 24-bit Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) and amplification inside, the iPhone 6 is still limited to 16-bit files, meaning any 24-bit audio files loaded will be downsampled. These are also premium headphones (just take a look at that price tag), but owners will be able to enjoy the same 40mm speaker drivers and design found in the Fidelio range. Lightweight metals, leather ear pads and a padded headband are also included.

Since the headphones are designed for use with the newly announced iPhones, playback controls are at hand on the side of the headphones. Philips expects the Fidelio M2L to be available in Europe and North America from December at €249.99.

Source: Pocket-lint