Philips Hue

Philips Hue, the smart LED light bulbs for your home, just got a little bit smarter alongside the latest update to the iOS app pushing out now through the App Store. Top of the order is the new Geofencing feature, which can activate a scene automatically when you're coming home, and turn it off when you leave.

Beyond the auto-activating scene features, they can now be turned on or off using a timer between 1 minute, and 59 minutes. And, when activating a scene, the lights will now change at exactly the same time. Pretty cool, and the LivingColors also get some attention with more vibrant colors.

To take advantage of the full new functionality, you'll want to grab a copy of the app from the App Store, but also make sure that your Hue Bridge is updated to the latest firmware. I haven't yet played with the Philips Hue set up, though it's something on the ever growing list of toys to add to my home. Hue owners should drop us a line in the comments, let us know how do you like these new features?

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