Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Here we go!

iPhone PWNED!

The iPhone Dev Team announce a tool called PWNED that will allow folks to load custom firmware onto their iPhones, totally bypassing a fully sanctioned Apple blessed OS… DOH!

1.2 to 2.0?

Yes, I was confused too. However there has been an update to the iPhone Beta release of the firmware 2.0. What is included you ask? Spotlight? Video recorder? The ability to sync notes and tasks from the Mac? No you silly fools, just some clean up of VPN and etc…

Is that an iPhone.. eerrr I mean BlackBerry in your pocket?

Seems like RIM has taken a hint from the folks in Cupertino. Why can’t companies innovate the way Apple can? Makes ya wonder sometimes…

New iPhone coming soon? 3G on its way!

Perhaps… the word is out on the streets and Internets that invrntory is low in Apple stores… but you can pick one up at an AT&T store easily. How can this be? Read on to find out more…

No Windows Mobile Love?

An out-of-the-closet Paul Thurrott is in love with the ‘Other’ phone. Man, once you go…

3G iPhone is Imminent!

Heard this before, but coming form this guy, can it be true?


We had two reviews this week. First was the Speck Products Techstyle Classic case and a web app for iPhone, Meebo. If you like leather, then the Speck case looks really great and sharp. Need to IM? Meebo is here for you!

Dressed in Black Baby: 3G iPhone?

Looks good. Feels Good. Too Good to be True?