Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Here we go!

So just how many countries are going to get the next iPhone anyway?

India seems to be the newest member of “What country is getting the iPhone next”. It seems like a new pops up every day. Who is the newest member? India.

Flash and Silverlight make Safari crash?

You need Safari for this? Just kidding.

Just how many new iPhones are coming anyway?

What did you say? New form factors? A BIGGER screen? What, an iTablet? So it isn’t so!

Is iChat coming to iPhone/iPod Touch?

Patent pundits say it is. Hmm, this could be really cool. I hope it comes to fruition.

Show me the money!

AT&T is making the cash, yo. With 22% in profits, everyone is smiling… at AT&T.

Apple buys PA Semi

Hmm, not familiar with this household name? Me either, but apparently they make some really energy efficient chips. Can you say “Going to iPhone”?

3G iPhone Rumors Rise Again!

This time the details seem a little more solid.

Oh, Canada. Canada, Canada, Canada

Why can't you have the iPhone? What's your deal. Why don't you love your citizens?

iPhone tip O’ the week

What kind of week is it without a tip? Brian Hart delivers this week with another useful tip. What is it? You will have to read on to find out!

Financial news

Do you geek out over financial news, especially Apple news? Well then Apple’s 2nd Quarter results are really interesting!


Whoa! We have three reviews this week. Let’s start of with Brian Hart’s review of the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705 Bluetooth Headset. Is it the best out there?

Next we have the Case-mate Universal Privacy Screen Pro for iPhone. Need to prevent prying eyes from looking at yoru iPhone? This screen protector could be for you!

Lastly, we have the Web App Review of the week. This week it is AOL’s search customized for the iPhone. Can this player give Google a run for its money? Keep reading to find out!