Phone Different Week in Review May 2, 2008

Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Here we go!

It feels so good…

Is Apple adding some sort of haptic feedback to the iPhone? How would they do it. What is haptic feedback anyway?

You Control, iControl…

Could Apple be working on an app for the iPhone that would enable it to control an Apple TV and iTunes? It sounds to good to be true!


Looks like some very clever folks have found Jabber code in the latest iPhone firmware? What does it mean? Well for starters Google Talk uses the Jabber protocol…


Yes, Rene Ritchie is jumping up and down. How much was that EDGE data plan again?

RIM Making “Something” for the iPhone?

That is what it looks like folks. However, RIM has nothing to offer Apple other than BlackBerry connect… hmmm, perhaps I am on to something here!

Details abound on 3G iPhone?

Some manufactures are claiming to have the information on the 3G iPhone. They reckon they have details on casings which can help us to deduce the size and information the 3G iPhone… but is it for realz?

The Jeweled crown of the week: Leaked pics of the 3G iPhone?

These are pretty darn convincing based on the what we know so far on the iPhone. It looks good, I like the black…but I want to see the mysterious second camera for videochat!

Reviews, Tips and more!

First off is Brian Hart’s Tip ‘O the Week. Two finger scrolling! Hey, I did not know! In frames you can, awe, just read it.

Got a jail-broken iPhone? Well they you might like the Native App-a-Week. This week we have Casey Chan talkin’ up the, well, app. Read on to find out more about this amazing program!

Have you been aching for Internet Radio on your iPhone? Look no further than my Weekly Web App Review: FlyTunes. This is pretty cool if you are into Internet Radio. Check it out.