We have already heard from a variety of sources that there will be not be arriving this June but rather later this fall, now a representative from UK retailer Phones 4U's St Albans store told T3 magazine that the new iPhone will not be hitting UK shelves until November 21.

Adding to further fuel to the fire, the retailer announced that Apple's next generation handset, which they pegged with a November 21st release, would "be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4 with new software. The software is the main difference with the iPhone 5."

Phones 4U has already distanced itself from the representatives alleged leak, issuing a statement to Pocket-lint this morning.

"With regards to the Phones 4u statement about the release date of the iPhone 5, the Phones 4u team genuinely don’t know where this suggested date has come from and was news to them when they were reading the story! "No official date has been issued as of yet and we will be sure to let you know when we have such information."

Our current best guess for iPhone 5 is a September announcement at Apple's traditional fall iTunes/iPod event, with release in the US during the month of October. If Apple once again staggers international releases, November could very well be the month it hits the UK and other countries.

It's incredibly unlikely any representative for any carrier or retailer knows anything of Apple's plans right now -- other than internal gossip or what they read on blogs -- but it is interesting to speculate on where he plucked that specific date of November 21 from?

What do you think of the timeline?

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