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The shutdown of UK retailer Phones 4U a few days ago has caused people who have pre-ordered the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to wonder if they might miss out on getting them on Friday. Now EE has revealed that Phones 4u customers who have pre-ordered the iPhone 6 devices for use on EE's network might still be able to get their phone tomorrow.

EE's website has an FAQ page for Phones 4u customers and one of the questions deals with the iPhone 6 pre-orders. EE says:

We understand that if you pre-ordered an iPhone 6 through Phones 4u, your order should be cancelled and that you should be getting a refund of any upfront payment. Don't worry – we've got extra stock of iPhones. There are two easy options to place your new order and get your new iPhone as quickly as possible: Go into one of our stores and show them a copy of your Phones 4u receipt for your pre-order; or call 150 from EE, Orange or T-Mobile phone if you're already with us.

In addition, Engadget reports that EE is "putting aside as many handsets as preorders it received" from Phones 4u for Friday's launch but those phones will be spread out among the company's many retail stores. In other words, Phones 4u's ex-customers will likely have to travel to more than one EE store to finally secure their iPhone 6.

Source: EE, Engadget

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