The folks at MindTapp dropped us a note to tell us about their new iPhone app, PhotoNest [$1.99 - iTunes link], that allows you to easily -- and visually -- post pictures to Twitter:

Twitter is an amazing real time communication tool, but it only sends links to photos and not photos themselves, which isn't very pretty.

We are dedicated to fixing this! PhotoNest is an application that goes through your Twitter feed and looks for photos that your friends have posted. It then pulls that photo out and puts into a nice visual stream of photos from your Twitter friends.

The photos show up in a vertical stack. Tapping on one takes you to a full-screen view. Tapping on the action button sends you to the web page where the photo is stored (no "reply", "retweet", or "email link" options there that I could find -- which is a real shame). You can post pictures of your own either by taking one via the embedded Camera or by picking one from your Photo galleries. It works well for what it is, and I like focused Twitter apps, but hopefully it will get rounded out over time. An option grid view, for example, to rapidly parse and select photos would be great.

I'm a well known sucker for Twitter apps but I'm not a huge photo poster (outside of trade shows) or follower of high-volume photo posters, so I'll have to wait and see what Leanna and the other far-cooler-than-me writers think before rendering final judgement. In the meantime, ask if you have any questions and if you've tried PhotoNest, let us know what you think!

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