Speaking at WWDC 2016, Apple announced that it is bringing the power of machine learning to the Photos app in iOS 10. With machine learning, the Photos app will include object and scene recognition thanks to what Apple calls "Advanced Computer Vision." For example, the app will be able to automatically pick out specific animal, features and more. Facial recognition is also available, all done locally on the iPhone with automatic people albums.

Machine learning and automatic 'Memories' albums headed to Photos

Photos will also now feature an advanced "Memories" feature, which automatically compiles photos in your library based on location, people and scene to highlight trips you've taken and more. Photos can also automatically create movies based on photos and videos sorted by Memories. With the automatic videos, you can use a slider to adjust length and mood to automatically re-edit with new music.

All of this syncs with the Mac and Apple TV, allowing you to enjoy your Memories from any device.

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