If you're using Google's Picasa photo application for Mac – and Windows – then the latest update will bring you a new, Google+ Auto Backup application. It works much like the feature does on mobile; unlimited uploads to your Google Drive at 2048px wide, or full resolution backups as your storage allows.

Google also has a Google+ Photos Chrome app available to Mac users, but the added benefit here is that we're looking at a native, desktop app – no Chrome required. It works much the same as Google Music Manager too; you install it and login, and it'll sit running in the background uploading the images from designated folders, or even from SD cards. While you get a separate app for Auto Backup, you are prompted to set it up – or not – upon launching Picasa for the first time.

For a piece of free software, Picasa is pretty competent, and gives desktop Mac users now a simple way to backup their photos to their Google account. It's a shame though, that it still looks like crap on a Retina MacBook Pro. This look like it suits any of you guys out there?

via Google OS