Pick Purchase Tracker for iPhone: Calculate discounts, convert currencies, figure out tax, and more!

Pick is a purchase tracker for iPhone that not only lets you quickly calculate discounts while shopping, but track all your purchases in one place for easy reference. On vacation and want to know how much that sweater costs you in your native currency? No problem, Pick can do all that for you too.

If you like to shop frequently, Pick can help you track all your purchases and see just exactly how much you're saving. The design looks similar to a calculator but functions like a discount tracker. Just start typing in item prices and add them to your list. There are hot keys on the number pad to quickly add items to your list, change quantities, and more.

For those of us that suck at converting currencies in our head, Pick can do it for you in just a tap. You can configure currencies in settings and then just long hold on a single button in order to translate currency to any one of your choices instantly. Pick currently supports over 100 world currencies.

If you want a complete picture of what you're spending, you can also add a sales tax rate in the settings portion of Pick and you'll know your total before you even head up to the register. Just check your total against the store's total in order to avoid any discrepancies and future trips back to the store to correct them. If you happen to try out Pick, let us know how it works for you in the comments!

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