Ridiculously funny exchange between Adam from Gizmodo and the developer of Crackulous -- the jailbreak app meant to pirate legitimate apps, see Jeremy's post this morning -- who's complaining that someone is illegitimately pirating his hard work.

Adam, you are linking to a pirated version of the app. Please link to REMOVED (the official Crackulous site) instead of supporting the pirates in the crackulous article. Thanks.

Are you serious? This isn't a joke? You're seriously trying to stop an app designed to pirate apps from being pirated?

No but I need people to support my work... I deserve appreciation.

But the people who have legit apps that Craculous will help pirate don't? You honestly don't see the irony here?

Would you say it's ironic or... poetic?

[Thanks to Jamesus for the tip!]